Welcome!  The Brand Buzz Network is comprised of over 5,000 bloggers with all different niches from around the world.  Our focus is to get the best bloggers for your brand and to make a connection.  We share pitches from brands in our newsletter and we also screening services. If you are a brand who is looking to get your product in front of our community please contact Corporate@InChargeSocialMedia.com.  If you are a blogger looking to be notified when new opportunities are available, please make sure you are signed up with our newsletter.

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Have you thought of doing reviews? There are many options available:

The easiest and least expensive FREE option for you is to post a pitch in our newsletter.  All you have to do is submit the pitch to us with all the details and information you are requesting along with your contact information and we share it with our bloggers.

If you are wanting a more selective alternative you can send us all your requirements and we can find and screen the bloggers for a small fee.  We make sure they meet all your requirements (fall within your market age brackets, etc.) and then forward all their information to you for you to contact at your leisure.  The bloggers submitted will have expressed interest and will be informed about your product, but will not have your contact information.  We do not do anything other than screen and submit bloggers to you to contact.  Please contact us for a quote.

The final choice is a full service campaign where we do all the work.  We find and screen the bloggers, do all the communication, ensure all the posts are accurate and done on time and that all the information you need distributed is included.  We also track other social media outreach such as Facebook and Twitter associated with the campaign.  Once the campaign is over we submit a short report highlighting all the posts and a sample of the other social media outreach associated with your campaign.  The cost of this campaign is dependent on how many bloggers you need and the extent of deliverables. Please email us for more information Corporate@inchargesocialmedia.com.

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You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities!  You can sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and coming soon is our new and improved dashboard to submit your stats and update your blog and social media information.  You are the influencers that the brands are trying to reach and we want to help you both make that connection.

Contact us now, don’t miss out on the conversation.