Maybe a Twitter Party is more your style?

This is a great way to talk to your prospective customers and to share information about your product/service.  Our most recent party yielded 74 million impressions on Twitter and a reach of over 38 million.  This is not to say we guarantee those results with all parties, as most average around 40 million impressions.  The cost of this campaign for a company depends on your specific needs and includes the cost of panelists and related giveaway items other than your product, if needed.

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If you are looking for a way to make your product or service to go viral in a short period of time a Twitter Party might be the answer.  Although not all products/services are suitable for this type of campaign, most do very well.  It’s a fun way to be introduced to your potential customers and to have a conversation about any given topic related to your business.  You can find more information here: What is a Twitter Party?

Our team has hosted parties for many different brands including WWE (#WWEmoms), Xbox (#XboxFamily), Fanta (#ScaryGood), Dove Men + Care (#DoveMenCare), UPS (#Deliver2Mom), St. Jude’s (#StJudeGiveThanks), MMA Elite (#ShopMMAElite) and Verizon (#VZWLife) to name a few.

Here are some stats from one of our #StJudeGiveThanks party:twitter

Number of impressions: 74,067,961

Reach of 38,824,597

Our most recent Pet Tales (#PetTales) Party:

PetTales Stats

What makes us different?

We research your brand and focus on your specific needs while “throwing a party” that is fun & engaging.  Leading up to the party we promote it as a team and it will go out in our Twitter Party Newsletter with over 2,000 subscribers. Most importantly we don’t spew out a bunch of random questions and self promotion – we inspire organic conversations that you can keep going and nurture after the party is over.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will do the tweeting?  

Depending on your needs you will get up to three hosts (we recommend no more than 2) and up to six panelists.  We find the best number of hosts and panelists is right around 5 or 6 in total (depending on focus).  We always encourage someone (either us or you) tweets using your companies account as well and if you don’t already have one let us know, we can help with that too.

Do we have to do giveaways?

Certainly not, but our experience tells us that offering giveaways is a great way to get people to join in the conversation and once they are there they are bound to stay.  Giveaways do not have to be extravagant or outrageously expensive and you don’t have to have tons of them either.  We recommend three or four small prizes and one grand prize.

Are we responsible for getting the information from the winners?

No, we do all the work.  At the end of the party (usually the following day) we will present you with a list of each winner’s contact and shipping information.  We generally tell winners that prizes will be received promptly, so please honor that agreement.  We are not responsible for prize fulfillment (unless agreed to in advance).

We are new to this and a bit overwhelmed.  Will we get input into the planning and an idea of how the party will flow?

We will do two phone consultations.  The first consultation will be a discovery call to get a feel for what your companies goal is for the party and what theme works for you.  Are you looking to drive traffic to a specific site?  Looking to spread a message about a certain topic?  Need to promote a new book? album? product or service?

The second consultation will be focused around the Twitter Party script.  We will submit a full script for your perusal to make sure everything you need it addressed during the party.  This call is designed to give you an idea of how the party will progress and will put you at ease.

Can we expect to gain followers on twitter?

Definitely, but we cannot guarantee a set amount.  Most, if not all people who participate follow the brand’s twitter account.  We can also make that a condition of winning any prizes.

Contact us at if you would like to discuss having a Twitter Party for your brand.

Can you advertise our Twitter Party in your newsletter even if we are hosting it ourselves?

Yes!  You can advertise your twitter party in our weekly Twitter Party Newsletter for FREE (not guaranteed placement) or for $25 fee you can purchase a highlighted, premium placed ad.

Don’t have time to manage your social media?

We also manage social media accounts for small businesses, as well as large corporate accounts.  Let us do the work for you!  Your potential customers are talking and you could be missing out on the conversation. We can manage and GROW your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts with targeted customers for as low as $1000 a month!


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